What Do You Want from the Cloud?

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a cloud service consumer what are you looking for? What are you hoping to gain?

At GigaOm’s Structure conference last week, Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Chrome at Google, had a discussion regarding Google Drive with founder of GigaOm, Om Malik. As the conversation developed, it was interesting to hear how the consumers of cloud services have gained a lot of power and room to help shape the cloud through all the choices currently available to them. As Sundar Pichai put it “Cloud service consumers are faced with many different options for services and are benefitting from all the competition.” As we spend more time living in the cloud, we can start to develop what our expectations are from it. We want it to be the center, where we come together to collaborate, share and store information. Primadesk was created so you don’t have to choose between the services you love to use. We wanted you to be able to access all of your information regardless of where it was stored and provide an option for back up – for all your photos, videos and files. One place where you can store all your items together, so they are safe and always there when you need them.

The big players – Google, Apple, and Microsoft – have created end-to-end solutions for individual cloud service consumers. With Google Drive your interaction with the cloud is consistent despite the different devices you use to access it. It’s obvious that the providers of the cloud are aware of the market as well with a tag line like – “Keep everything. Share anything. Access everywhere”. Similarly, “Your files, on any device”, from SkyDrive or “Your content. On all devices”, from iCloud.

The big players are designed to be the only place for consumers to reach the cloud. Interestingly enough, despite these massive players and the unbeatable offerings, consumers are still saving their work to Dropbox, and trying new storage services like SugarSync, which had over 180,000 unique visitors last month.

The cloud has become our hub for many different activities. Besides different storage systems, services are being created to display and share photos, personal blogs, social interactions – everything. Consumers are moving and investing more of their time into the cloud to create what fits them, rather than looking to use just one service, they are looking to combine services. We have watched Primadesk‘s numbers rise around interaction with photos, not just on FB but with Dropbox, Google+ we can see that consumers are using multiple platforms and services and that they want to be able to access all of them easily.

Primadesk wants to turn the cloud into a place where all your cloud services and content, are accessible at any time on any device. By connecting and using more services everyday you will find which ones work best for you, and which features are the most beneficial for your needs. Use what makes your life easier, use Primadesk.

Primadesk: How It All Started

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“There just has to be a better way” –  With each new cloud based application you use, whether it is a file storage service, a social network, or a virtual place to house your photos, the cloud can quickly become like your mis-matched sock pile. The more cloud services you use, the faster your content gets spread out across multiple sites, and you are left trying to remember where you put your files and which passwords you used to log in, or sign up for new applications. We love the cloud, we love trying new applications, and we appreciate that each service we use has a separate set of functions waiting to be utilized for our maximum productivity and benefit. The problem becomes, how do we keep track of all of our cloud content at once? How do we stay constantly connected while keeping our data protected in all our different accounts?

“There just has to be a better way to manage our personal cloud content,” Srivinasa (Venky) Venkataraman thought while navigating his growing number of cloud based applications. There needs to be a system that ties everything together and protects your content by backing everything up in one place.  Venky took his idea to his friend and colleague, Conrad Herrmann. Conrad agreed that bringing complete visibility to personal content, and helping protect cloud data through automatic backup was the answer to the cloud chaos. Venky and Conrad had worked together at Zone Labs where they created the award winning personal firewall that has made the Internet safer for more than 80 million users. They directed their passion for making the Internet a better place, added their experience from building software, and applied it to this new problem. The solution was Primadesk. Primadesk was built to get control over your cloud content, and unlock your personal data from the “silos” that cloud based applications have inevitably built.

Primadesk has been breaking down the barriers in the personal cloud space ever since, bringing complete visibility to your content. Now connecting over 30 different cloud based services, Primadesk’s user friendly interface can search through all your content, drag and drop documents between accounts, and backup all your files. Primadesk essentially keeps your digital life organized by providing the fastest way to browse your data, the easiest way to find and share your files, and the safest way to store all your content in one place.

Why should I backup my online content

June 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

We create and store more and more on the web. An inevitable progression, as we rush to share photos with Facebook friends, coordinate with colleagues on Google docs, upload to Flickr albums for extended family, or express our points of view on Instagram. We are instantly connected online, through a powerful and personal set of visual images and eloquent statements. Available to us always, from any device, anywhere we go.

But are they really? Sometimes we think that our photos and documents are forever, simply because they are online. Ubiquitous, secure, safe. Not necessarily.

I embarked on a dream cruise of the western Mediterranean two years ago, and took to writing a travel diary to capture the daily explorations and revelations of Italy, France and Spain. I saved it as a document in one of my Yahoo groups. for easy sharing. Last year, my family shifted over to a Facebook group, and I shut down my Yahoo group without thinking. I lost the document in the process, and only a series of hopeful email to extended family finally yielded up a survivor several months later. If only I had saved a copy of my own online document.

I’ve also been caught by surprise by changes to access permissions. Most of our year’s events seem to have been encapsulated in Facebook photos, either my albums or my friends’. In the last 3 months though, those photos I took for granted – of my daughter’s junior prom, the fall camping trip, the Las Vegas girls weekend – vanished from sight. The prom: my friend deleted his online album. Camping: my buddy deleted a Facebook group and I was out in the cold. Vegas: my girlfriend reset album permissions and forgot about me. By accident or design, photos I considered safe and mine disappeared. If only I had copied over the online photos where I had been tagged.

Friends have been telling me about running into trouble with their online services, of accounts being frozen and online content out of reach for a time. And then there was Megaupload.

Besides, I dread looking for pictures and documents if they are more than a few months old. They are stored in a dizzying array of online providers. I’d much rather have them all stored in one single repository that belongs to me. Where I can be sure of uninterrupted access, easy searching and secure storage. A giant data locker in the cloud.

This is where Primadesk comes in. I get to backup all my online content in one place. Some providers I back up on a monthly basis: I really don’t need a frequent backup of my school chess, drama and golf schedules. Others I’ve set to backup on a weekly basis: we are a social family in real life, we get tagged at a brisk rate on other people’s Facebooks, and I need to save those pictures before they vanish. Some I backup every day: my data requirements and system roadmap documents are online repositories of significant IP.

How things have changed in 2 years. I used to religiously back up my hard drive to my backup server. Now I faithfully back up all my online content to Primadesk.


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